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  • Debunking Common Myths About Horse Slaughter and the Protection of America?s Wild Horses and Burros - Source:  One Green Planet By Susan Wagner, Equine Advocates and Carol Walker, Wild Horse Freedom Federation Since 2007, when the last horse slaughterhouse operating in this country closed its doors, attempts by special interest groups in ranching, oil and gas, … Continue reading

  • Land of the Free - by Chris Madson as published on HATCH America?s public domain was saved from the excesses of business by visionaries America?s public domain was saved from the excesses of business by visionaries. It was set aside for all the people. That?s … Continue reading

  • Taxpayer-Funded War on Wildlife Claimed 1.3 Million Native Animals in 2017 - Press Release from Wild Earth Guardians Wildlife Services Slaughters Vulnerable Wildlife and Family Dogs MISSOULA, MT ? On April 16, 2018, the U.S. Department of Agriculture?s clandestine wildlife killing program announced its shocking death toll of animals killed last year. … Continue reading

  • Private Livestock grazing on federal public lands is a privilege ? not a right - By Erik Molvar as published on The Hill Welfare Ranching is EXACTLY that!!! Recently, the Hage family of central Nevada has become the poster boy for ranchers supposedly victimized by federal law enforcement. But far from being victims of a … Continue reading

  • BLM?s Instruction Memorandum to transfer wild horses & burros to federal, state and local government agencies to use as work animals - When these “working” wild horses & burros “retire,” will they end up in the slaughter pipeline?  Will there be little oversight of the final disposition of these transferred wild horses and burros? Source:  BLM Transfer of Excess Wild Horses and … Continue reading

  • Feel Good Sunday: Trainer Herrick and Resilient Horse Follow Music Back from the Flames - by Bryce Miller as published on the San Diego Union-Tribune “When Herrick and Lovely Finish look at each other, they see the fading pink streaks and stubborn patches of flaky skin that show the fire?s lasting imprint..” When the mic … Continue reading

  • BLM seeks public comment of Environmental Analysis for Wild Horse Gather in Southeastern Utah - NOTE:  The link to documents in the BLM notice below isn’t working.  Here is a working link to the planning documents: News Release Utah State Office FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 20, 2018 Media Contact: Lisa Reid  (435) 743-3128 BLM … Continue reading

  • Groups Rally for Public Lands, Protest Modesto ?Range Rights? Conference Featuring Ammon Bundy - Press Release from the Center for Biological Diversity ?Ammon Bundy and his fanatical followers are on a road show to incite division and hatred for our public lands…” MODESTO, Calif.? Anti-government militant Ammon Bundy and other proponents of seizing federal … Continue reading

  • Wild Horse Hater Ryan ?Dinkie? Zinke refers to himself as a geologist: That?s a job he?s never held - By Sara Ganim, CNN “I studied geology as a result of closing my eyes and randomly pointing to a major from the academic catalog, and I never looked back…” Washington (CNN) – Defending his decision to shrink the Bears Ears … Continue reading

  • Breaking! Support Calls Needed This Week Before Iconic African Species Protection Act Advances To California Senate Committee On Public Safety On April 24th - By Judie Mancuso  as published on World Animal News ?Last month?s tragic loss of the world?s last male Northern White Rhino served as a wake-up call for people around the world that once the species is gone, it?s gone,? California … Continue reading

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