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  • Confidence and Communication for the Trail Ride -

  • Rebuilding reasonableness in dangerous horses -

  • Making the "training" last -

  • The three most detrimental contributors to failing human/horse partnerships -

  • Spring Time Horse and Human Assessments -

  • Supporting vs Challenging the Horse -

  • Full Immersion Clinics, Sandpoint, ID 2018 -

  • Not letting feeding time control our interactions -

  • Working Colts off of experienced horse... learning opportunities -

  • Re-educating the troubled horse -

  • What can happen at an Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey clinic? -

  • Less than ideal circumstances leading to better partnerships -

  • Christmas Certificate for that Horse Lover! -

  • Client feedback... Success over time -

  • Instant Gratification... Harming our Horsemanship. How auditing can change everything! -

  • Proactive Riding- Raising the Rider?s Awareness -

  • Making Summer Memories... -

  • Keeping the curiosity... -

  • Spring time considerations for all things horse -

  • Exploring the use of a round pen- an alternative perspective -

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