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  • Donkey Wants to be a Clydesdale - This is one for the donkey lovers, for sure. Leave your comment and let us know if you enjoyed this one.

  • What is a Zorse? - What is a Zorse and what can they do? Ever wonder about the hybrid cross between a zebra and a horse or donkey? Here’s a little info for you.

  • Haflinger Ladies Long Sleeve Tee ? Stylish and Comfortable - Here’s a great gift idea for a Haflinger horse lover. This Haflinger Ladies long sleeve tee is adorned with an artistic Haflinger horse design and is stylish, soft, cozy and comfortable. It is made of 100% combed, ring-spun cotton in a super-soft baby jersey knit with a custom contoured fit. This great design is available on [...]

  • Team Work by Kelli Swan ? Clydesdale Note Cards - Are you looking for a gift for a draft horse lover, a way to thank someone for their thoughtfulness, a gift that shows how much you care? These beautiful Clydesdale draft horse note and greeting cards, by Artist Kelli Swan,  make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves horses, whether horses in general or draft horses [...]

  • Santiago Sunrise by Karen Brenner - Santiago Sunrise is an inspiring painting by artist Karen Brenner. This painting is sure to capture the heart of any horse lover. The artist has added one of her favorite scripture verses and hopes it inspires you! This beautiful horse painting is featured here on this stylish horse keepsake jewelry box, perfect for horse lovers. The [...]

  • Cartoon Donkey Magnet - This cute little cartoon donkey will capture your heart. You can only imagine what he’s singing for. Is he lonely or ready for dinner? This adorable cartoon donkey design is available on this Singing Donkey Square Magnet and donkey t-shirts for the entire family. All donkey t-shirts and gifts featuring this cute little fella are fully customizable [...]

  • How to Harness a Mule ? One Way - Though this site is more about mule, donkey and draft horse t-shirts and gift items, we get a lot of searches for how to harness a mule. Here is one generally accepted series of steps for harnessing with western or box style harness. Step 1.  Unbuckle and slip collar up around mule’s neck and buckle into [...]

  • Nothing Beats the American Mule - This Nothing Beats the American Mule design features a saddle mule’s head against a background of the American Flag. At the bottom of the design is the text, “Nothing beats the American Mule.” These patriotic mule t-shirts are perfect for the mule lover who is proud of his or her mule and country. The Long Sleeve [...]

  • African Zebra Mousepad - This African Zebra Mousepad features an oil painting by Brenda Thour. The painting is of a small group of zebras in their homeland, Africa. Photo reference from Dr. Thomas Trainer. The serene painting on this mousepad makes it a perfect gift for a zebra lover, or a great way to treat yourself to something unique and [...]

  • Belgian ? Real Horses - This Real Horses Weigh A Ton Belgian design is one draft horse design in the new edition of the Real Horses Weigh a Ton series by Kat Moore. Draft horse lovers will find this Belgian draft horse design and other draft breeds on a variety of t-shirts, like this dark tee shown here, and other [...]

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