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  • A Competition Is Not 100% About The Competition - I’ve competed before, up the yard, but never with my white jodhs on. The addition of them, for the first riding club competition of the year, seemed to make a huge difference to my attitude. Previously, I had simply rocked up in my usual whatever, but the degree of planning required to ferry the white […]

  • Who?s The Boss? - A couple of weeks ago, after I turned Connell out following our Wednesday night hour, I stood around and watched while the rest of my lesson mates brought down their trusty steeds. It was hot, hot even if it wasn’t Ireland, like the kind of hot you might find as normal anywhere else in the […]

  • Okay, So: This Rosette. - 2017 was a wash-out regarding showjumping. I entered the three day event again, in the minis class, again, went clear in the cross country, crashed and burned in the showjumping, and crushed the dressage. I tried another round, later in the summer, and once again, no luck: couldn’t even get round or stay on. In […]

  • Course Building: In Progress - There are changes happening here, at Flying Changes as was. The blog that is the cornerstone of my story of codependency recovery through equestrianism will slowly morph into a proper website-looking piece of internet real estate; until it’s closer to the time that Many Brave Fools will hit bookshops and eReaders via Trafalgar Square Books, […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: Forward, Forward, Forward [2016] - Would never have imagined a better official tenth anniversary post. It’s a bit tl; but please do read. *** ‘Are you going to do the eventing?’ Eventing? As in ‘three day’? It was the first I’d heard of it and I had to think twice, to be honest, before I said ‘Yes’. Despite the usual […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: You Gotta Start Somewhere: My Very First Dressage Test Ever [2015] - I went and completely re-wrote the epilogue to my book because of this event. It only made sense, as the title ? Many Brave Fools ? happened because of the mnemonic that one my instructors used, and it applies so perfectly to the themes involved. Just one of those things maybe, or what happens when […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: Equestrian Wear-ing ?Em Out [2014] - Two years later, still haven’t replaced the rucksack or The Fat Coat?… and naturally, there is a reference to that ultimately ill-fated long stick. #OBSESSED *** It’s almost time for the Dublin Horse Show, the annual trip to Nirvana for Irish horse people ? not that there aren’t other shows in the country, I thoroughly […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: Acting As If: Lady Of Livery [2013] - Another year of little blogging as my dad passed away in March of 2013. This happened directly I got back from the funeral, so it feels even more meaningful than it was at the time. *** Acting As If: Lady Of Livery I knew something was up, that something was out of joint: I have […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: The Wisdom to Know the Difference [also 2012] - The essence of this post made into the horse book, mainly because this was the very first time ? after six years of learning to horseride ? that I made a decision all by myself. Up to then I had been doing the work of listening to instruction, thinking I was taking it on board, realising that […]

  • Tenth Anniversary: Keeping an Open Heart [2012] - Here’s Many Brave Fools in a nutshell!  *** Keeping an Open Heart I was talking to a pal the other day, about a bunch of things that are going on for me at the moment, and in conclusion I said, ‘Well, I’m keeping an open heart.’ The thing is, I know I was going to say that […]

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