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  • CPL (Chronic Progressive Lymphedema) - CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE LYMPHEDEMA Emily and Mike Jewell own a small farm in southern Indiana and they breed and raise Friesian and Andalusian horses. At any given time they care for 10 or more horses, a few of which are Friesian and Andalusian mares. Th

  • Farriers and the horse industry - According to theAmerican Horse Council, the horse industry supports 1.4 million jobs and contributes $39 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. eco

  • 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Hay for Your Horse -

  • Creating Your First Equine Business Budget - When you decided to start your equine business, you may have been overcome with excitement to finally get to pursue your passion and share it with others. No longer would you have to work for someone else at a job you may have on

  • Improve Profitability with EQ Bookkeeping - If you have read any of the articles Irsquo;ve written for this magazine, you likely know I always write about business-related issues pertaining to the Arabian industry.

  • Does Your Equine Business Stand a Chance of Succeeding - Irsquo;m sure you have seen them -- dozens of empty storefronts in strip malls that were once occupied by small businesses. As I drive by, I often wonder what happened. Was the rent too high Poor management No demand for the b

  • WHIA Networking Expo Set – And I Am Excited to be Part of a Panel “Making Your Equine Business Profitable” - We are very excited here at EQ Bookkeeping! The Womenrsquo;s Horse Industry Associationrs

  • Maximize Deductions and Jail Time - Tax season has just come to a close and there are probably some tax preparers out there enjoying their Caribbean getaway with all the cash they made. These preparers may have offered clients a bargain price on their returns and p

  • Dont Delay on W-9s - Outsourcing various duties of your equine business to independent contractors can save you a lot of time and money compared to doing it yourself or hiring full time staff. Making the decision to outsource is easy, but make sur

  • Call Now! Seriously - I was waiting at a stoplight on my way to a dentist appointment last week, deep in thought about whether the hygienist would be able to tell I had an Oreo for a snack when a bright yellow hand-written sign caught my eye. I ass

  • Retirements Plans for Self-Employed Part 2 - Retirement Plans for Self-Employed Part 2 Last time we covered a couple of the options (401(k)s and IRAs) that your equine business should think about - retirement savings. All sma

  • Just Started an Equine Business Think About Retirement! - Part 1 When you are first striking out on your own and opening the equine business of your dreams, the last thing you might think about is retiring. Without an HR or Payroll department e

  • Not Always easy being a Farrier / today was one of those days - Hello and hope everyone#39;s getting ready for some great riding.No pictures today , just a short ( i hope ) story.One of my clients called me last nite , says a horse he recently got ( borrowed ) is lame and wanted to know if i cou

  • Health Tax Credit for Small Employers - Health Tax Credit for Small Employers The massive healthcare legislation includes a tax credit for small employers, including equine businesses,

  • How Independent Are They - When starting your own equine business, itrsquo;s not unusual to be a workforce of one without any employees. The profits havenrsquo;t started rolling in yet, and you simply donrsquo;t have the income to justify hiring anyone.

  • Dont Fly Solo Without Your Wingman - You ran with your dreams, and started your own equine business - and now are flying solo. It is great being your own boss and calling all the shots. Most likely, you now wear many hats including marketing, sale

  • New Years Bookkeeping Resolutions #10: Get Help! - All equine businesses, whether small or large, require bookkeeping. If you have a small equine business, you need an accurate, organized and chronological system that readily provides reliable information when needed. However,

  • New Years Bookkeeping Resolutions #9: Cut Your Losses - Most of us spend a great deal of energy and time to acquire new clients as thatrsquo;s what makes our businesses grow. However, some clients are so bad that your equine businesses (and your sanity) are better off without them

  • New Years Bookkeeping Resolutions #8: Payroll Priority - Payday is eagerly anticipated by employees, but often dreaded by small business employers handling the payroll themselves. Hours of administrative work goes into making tax calculations, completing government reports, depositi

  • Indiana, Michigan, and South Carolina Need to Pay Additional Unemployment Tax - We have gotten a couple of emails and calls regarding the 940 (FUTA) taxes for 2010. So I thought I would pass this information on: A company usually pays .008 percent for employees wages on the first $7,000.00 for each employee.nb

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