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Time to start thinking about breeding or the foal on the way!
dac Breeding Products
Wednesday 30th of December 2009 05:47 PM

Hello and welcome back to my dac blog on Your Equine When the holidays roll around, that means foal season is right around the corner! Newbies to foaling are already checking for waxing teets, making sure the mare is fine, getting anxious, and looking for the cheapest video system/cameras they can find!!! But one thing some don't think about is does my mare have all the ingredients in her feed that will help the foal grow big and strong?? Good questions to ask or think about, but you need to act fast if the mare is not receiving additional vitamins or the mares feed is a basic mill mix. It never ceases to amaze me when I am at a trade show and a customer is showing me pictures of last years foal and asking what they can do to help that now yearling grow faster and better? I usually reply by asking the question what supplement was your mare on last year when in foal, and the answer is, oh I don't give my broodmare supplements......Uhm OK. It's a funny thing that most of those questions come from women who have children along with them. I then ask that person, did you take the vitamins your doctor told you to take while you were pregnant? The answer is yeah I did. Usually that leads another response... ya know that was a good question and I never thought about my mare in regards to my pregnancy. Of course tons of questions come along after that, but that’s not what this blog is about.

dac Vitamins and Minerals, by personal research and the ingredients we use, has the best Breeding Supplements. I know this by the phone call I receive from the customer who used the dac Orange Superior, Broodmare or Breeders Choice Plus on that mare for the first time. The usual phone call is "You have got to see this baby". So I go one over and see the foal. Some of the mares were bred back to the same stallion and some were not. Those that were bred back to the same stud,, well that’s when they see the World of Difference with dac. The foal is filled out better, they come up off their pasterns faster, hair coat and immune system is better, and growth in the first three months is way better than last years foal that wasn't on dac while in gestation. Those that were bred to a different stallion, well results of course cannot be compared to those that were bred back to the same stud but, most results are the same as some of the above, coming up off the pasterns faster, better growth/weight ratio, immune system. One real good thing that was noted in all the mares I have seen that in the past had problems of loosing weight fast after the foal was born, or not being able to give enough milk before, those seem to go away. Now of course I can't say that for each and every case, there are other factors out there, but dac does have a great success ratio with our breeding line. So now you ask, well what’s in it that helps? Here are some brief answers on dac Orange Superior, Broodmare and Breeders Choice Plus and even our Colt Grower.

"Yea'Sacc" in regards to gestation and lactation benefits are more milk produced, higher foal weight gain and improved mare condition, growing foal benefits are more Phosphorus availability for balanced, sound growth and digestive effects in creep feeding and grower diets. The "Sel-Plex" (selenium yeast) benefits are better tissue retention, prompt, complete explusion of placenta, INCREASED colostrum and milk SE content and optimized immune response. The Bioplexes (Iron, Copper, Manganese and Zinc) benefits are balanced growth of bone and cartilage, nutritional support during reproduction, foal trace mineral status at birth, ie when the foal goes to get some food from moms system.

So the next question is, well which one do I use? Best basic answer I can give you is on your own breeding and or mare/foal past problems. If your mare is not maiden and has no problem conceiving and foaling, then use the dac Orange, same for the stallion, if their count and mobility are fine and they keep good weight covering all the mares again, use the dac Orange Superior. Foals normally stay on dac Orange while growing and some customers may switch to Colt Grower for racing foals, halter foals and foals that are expected to grow past 16 hands at weaning time.

If your mare had a has a hard time with cycling, but foals fine, then we usually suggest the dac Broodmare for the first six months and then switch to the dac Orange for the remainder. One note, the dac Orange is more concentrated in Yea Sacc than Broodmare, ie meaning better colostrum for the foal.

If your mare had a hard time cycling and doesn't catch on the first try, or folicals are small in size OR your Stallion has had problems in the past with semen count and motility, use the dac Breeders Choice Plus. We added Yucca to the Broodmare and thus, Breeders Choice Plus was introduced. Yucca in breeding tests has shown a higher percentage rate in semen count and improved mobility. Also, Yucca is known to attach to Nitrogen in the reproductive system and bind with it to pass it out of the system. Nitrogen by itself has been known to block the fertilization of egg and sperm.   Also!! for those cystic mares (ovarian cysts) use the Yucca if not using  the dac Breeders Choice Plus.   Yucca has helped many in reducing the cyst or totally getting rid of them.

Best time to start the dac breeding line is at least three months before breeding, but if that didn't happen just go ahead and start the dac as soon as you can. Start feeding bout half scoop two times daily, to be sure the mare is eating the dac and then increase it to up to four scoops daily, most use two scoops daily (our scoop is a ONE ounce scoop)  Some people will use the Broodmare or Breeders Choice plus at four scoops daily(2 am and 2 pm) one week or days before getting their mare inseminated (to boost the conception) and stay on that for one week after insemination.  Then back to two scoops daily.  Some will do the same for one week before their studs service the mare.

Each product listed does have other benefits but I am highlighting the breeding benefits for you. I hope I have helped out some of our loyal dac customers with product information and for those of you who are new to dac, please do not hesitate to reply to my blog if you have any questions. I am here to help at anytime and if you are in the PA, DE, NJ, VA, MD area just give me a shout at 717-870-8687 or email at If you are out of those areas, feel free to contact anyone at dac by calling 800-921-9121 or check out our web site at

As always, Have a dac Success Story and Pics?  Go ahead and email them to me at the above spiheidi address. 

 We will get them on the dac blog site!!

the Yea-Sacc, Sel-Plex and Bioplex are trademarks and are manufactured by Alltech, Inc.

Please read these testimonials below written on 11/30/2008 from some of our dac users.

Dear Heidi,

I am the owner of Chocolatey and would like to share with everyone my testimonial using dac products.

From Chocolateys'  earliest days, I've fed him Dac Orange Superior.

He really seemed to blossom upon the start of Dac, and as he did so well, I never even thought of reducing or removing them from his carefully planned nutrition schedule. 

I was extremely careful about his upbringing; hand picked farrier, vet, and handlers and when it came to his feed, I was just as meticulious. Dac products have always been a huge part of all my top show horses' feed program, and I insist that Dac be part of their daily maintenance.

I try to raise each special prospect as future world champions, nsba champions, and as the best my breed has to offer.  I leave nothing to chance, and I plan out every step of their careers. I always include Dac products in their program and I always will.

Noelle Schmidt
Owner, Chocolatey
3X World Champion, NSBA World Res. Champion, ApPHA World Champion, Tom Powers Champion,  Just for Pleasure Champion, Reichert Celebration Champion, Southern Belle Champion

Dear Heidi,

I am the owner of Majectic Seven and would like to share with everyone my testimonial about using dac products.

Karen Smith

Below is a picture of Majestic Seven as a weanling.

Majestic Seven was on colt grower for two years and what a difference!

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