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Are your Ready For Hauling to Congress?
QH congress Ready
Monday 12th of October 2009 12:11 PM

Hello and welcome back.  Sorry for the delay in new blogs, my mom was in and out of hospital, but she is back and getting better, and so am I LOL.

Getting ready for Congress?  Well there are some dac Products you need to think about before you head out and haul away.

Want to keep your horses from getting the Congress Crud, or getting Ulcers, snot, coughs, the runs????  Keep reading.

Use the dac 911 one week before you head out and then keep them on it while there and on the way home.  You will need one scoop daily the whole time.  dac 911 keeps the immune system ready for those little bugs/virals that will try and get into the horses system.  Product comes in 2.5# bucket, which equals 40 day supply for one horse at $65.00,  5# buckets is $119.00 for 80 days and 15# bucket is $319.00.  YEAH I KNOW wow thats expensive but it's not and it doesn't even equal the cost of getting a VET at Congress.  Look at it this way.  Say your taking 10 horses to congress for two week stay. You go on the product one week before and stay on it two weeks while there for a total of three weeks.  One 15# container will last each horse 24 days at one scoop at day.  The cost is $1.33 each day or $31.91 for three weeks.  I am sure that is way CHEAPER than a vet bill and no owner wants to see a sick horse at Congress!! IF you do happen to have a sick horse at Congress, PLEASE CALL THE VET TOO!  ALSO REMEMBER we have 911 in Paste form in case your horse is really sick and off feed, not to mention the new congress weanies and yearlings, much easier to acurately dose them.

Another good dac product which was brought out about a year ago is the dac InSure.  The product has two strains of Lactobacillus and Dried Whey Protein.  Good for hauling in helping to aleviate scours, shipping fever and off feed horses.   One pouch is $75.00 and has 500 grams in it.  Cost per day is 15 cents and $3.60 for three weeks.  Use 1/2 teaspoon one week before going and while there.  If you see something creeping up you can use up to 1-2 teaspoons daily.   We also have the InSure Liquid which is the FANTASTIC dac Oil mixed with the InSure.  One 6# jug is $39.00, use two pumps daily and while there.  For 10 horses you would need 5 jugs.  NOT TO mention getting the dac Show Coat benefits.  Sorry we do not offer it in the larger sized as the oil, but we mix each bath seperately and REMEMBER to shake the jug up when using it!

Lately most trainers have jumped on the dac band wagon using the dac Digestive Feed Additive (dac DDA)  We use this to keep the PH in the horses stomach nice and happy to help aleviate cholic, poor feed utilization, weight gain plus cutting back on the cost of feed as the horse doesn't need all that feed when it's gut is using every morsel of it.  A happy stomach PH means less stress on the horse that leads to problems.  Plus we have the MTB 100 in it which will help if you get a bad batch of hay and the mold in the hay will pass through the horse.  5# pail is $29.00 (80 days)  20# Pail (320 days) $82.00, 30# pail (480 days) $119.00 and a 50# bag (800 days) for $150.00.  We also offer this in a paste form.  Dac Probiotic paste, 1 tube is $25.00 for 80 cc's.  Okay think thats expensive compared to others, well we offer 1 Billion CFU's per 5cc's, others only offer 12Million per 5cc's. 

Don't forget your Electro lites like dac Electro aid.  Our granular formula goes right ontop of the feed, no colors so less aluminum in the horses body to tie up sweat in the system.  4# pail $ $19.00 (32days)  18# pail for $60.00 (144 days) and 28# pail for $85.00 for 320 days.

FOR ALL YOU HALTER Contestants....REMEMBER dac CMZ Paste.  Got a shakey knee, or alittle over or under at knee pastern?  Use CMZ paste.  1 tube is 80 grams for $15.00.  Keep them legs strong and sured up.  Again start one week before and while there.  See Randy Jacobs for specifics, he swears by it not to MENTION Kim and George who own this site! opps sorry just let out a secret for Kim and George, they would tell you to use it too!

Another dac product that many don't think of for halter horses.  Got a halter horse that has a dull eye and ear when in the pen?  Use one scoop of dac Winners Circle daily before heading out.   You will see the difference dac makes with a sharp snappy eye, especially for those older halter horses.     Got a Halter MONSTER, calm em down with the dac Calm B formula.  We have it in granular and paste form.  WILL NOT TEST!

Okay, us women know all about this, but is your mare going to cycle when she's at congress?   Try the dac Mare Relieve.   The best person I can say to contact is Kim Wolfe, she HAD a MONSTER and uses the Mare Relieve and Broodmare together and now she's showing in the reining pen and her mare is not tryin ta kill everything and everyone in her site... LOL sorry Kim.  Her email

SO many products to mention, but the above are the best to get started on BEFORE YOU LEAVE for QH Congress to help aleviate any vet bills, cranky, hyper horses!.

And now for us you don't get stressed out and lose any stamina, try Mona VIE.  I swear by it to keep going, especially while mom was in hospital.  Gives me a sense of well being and on the Active formula my arthritis in my hands is much better.  Check out  Should be my site.  

ANY questions?  Feel free to contact me, Heidi, at 717-870-8687 or

Travel safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!  STOP BY THE DAC BOOTH WHILE AT CONGRESS GREAT SPECIALS ON PRODUCTS, but if you get them at the booth, you didn't start before you left..hum...hope all goes well   LOL !

Response 1
Wednesday 2nd of September 2009 01:02:57 PM
Submitted by: kim
and Kim says...I have my 9-1-1 already! 'Don't leave home without it.' Going to Congress means great looking animals. Mine don't need to be bathed. They glow with our solid regimen of orange and oil. Thanks Heidi!

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