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How Diet Affects the Hoof
dac DDA
Wednesday 1st of July 2009 11:36 AM

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog.   I haven't blogged in awhile and my sincere apologies for that, life just got a little chaotic, but I still apologize.

Horses are foraging animals and their digestive tract is designed to digest forage.  Due to the demands we make upon them, we increase the energy in their food by adding grain to their diet.  A horse's stomach and small intestine is much smaller than it's large intestine.  Food passes quickly, and largely undigested, throught the stomach and small intestine.  From there it enters into the fermentation vat of the hidngut, where bacteria breaks down and digest it.  Food passes much more slowly through the hindgut.

In 1884 Christopher Gram was studying bacteria.  He used an iodine stain to identify and study it more closely. The bacteria that accepted the stain were labeled gram-positive bacteria, while the bacteria that would not accept the stain was labeled gram-negative.  The gram positive bacteria digests starch and sugers, whereas the gram-negative bacteria digests fiber.  In a healthy hind gut gram-positive bacteria are slightly higher in popluation than gram negative bacteria.

Carbohydrates break down and convert to starch and sugars in the hindgut.  With an excessive carbohydrate diet, gram positive bacteria feed on the sugars and multiply quickly, releasing lactic acid and increase the acidity of the enviornment.  A low pH enviornment can kill gram-negative bacteria, and erode the mucus lining on the gut wall.  Endotoxins can pass throught the gut wall and trigger laminitis.

Lactobacillus acidophilus work int the foregut to start digesting sugars to decrease the amount of sugers entering into the hindugt.  MOS (Mannon oligosaccharides) bind to starch and sugar-digesting bacteria(gram-positive) and remove them fron the gut in the feces.  By removing the acid making bacteria, MOS leave the beneficial fiber-digestiong bacteria (gram-negative) free to multiply.  MOS is also reported to have a buffering affect.

dac Digestive Feed Additive uses this approach plus many more other yeasts and mircoorganism to promote geed digestive-tract health.  There are 1,500,250,000,000 live cell microorganism per ounce in the product.  It has been used successfully to combat chronic colic, ulcers, chronic diarrhea, and has changed bad stall habits.

The above was a personal study by Vernon Schlabach.  Vernon has spoke at many dac meetings and is one of the personal farriers for Randy Jacobs, plus other high ranking equine trainers.   When Vernon started doing his study of the dda (dac Digestive feed additive) he was looking for help in Laminitis, but what he also found is that the dac ddac also help CUSHINGS disease in horses.   Basically it is the same therory as above but the dda will also help to bind all the sugars and starches that Cushing horses can't have and pass them trough the equine body.   Of course we all know that with a Cushing horse you have to change your horses diet (feed) so you most likely go to the feed store and get a high fat low carb diet.   If you think of what the above says, then all you need to do is add one scoop daily of the dda along with the Cushing specific feed and you have a double approach to helping the Cushings horse.  Not to mention your horse will get double benefits in retaining all the nutrients in that speciific feed.  You can also change the feed to STRAIGHT oats, whole, crushed, steamed whichever, and you will get the same results for laminitis and Cushings.   Vernon has proved that with many laminitis horses he has worked on and the laminitis horses that then turned into cushing horses with the thick crusty neck and polls and fat depositis over the hind quarters.

Other uses that many customers are doing with the dac dda is cutting their feed costs in half by using the dda for digestion and feed breakdown in the equine gut, and addind 1/4 to 1 ounce of the dac Bloom daily for the energy.   Most of the customers that have done this are using straight oats and good quality hay and withing a two week to one month period, have decreased their feed use and have saved money on feed costs by doing this.  

Thanks again for checking out my blog and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on the topic above.

 If I may add one more note to ya all,,,,,I am personally using a product called Mona Vie and have found it to increase my energy throughout the day without "Jacking me Up", plus it has done wonders for my arthritic hands and hips.   But last month money was short and I stopped it for one month.  LET ME TELL YOU I just got  4 bottles in today from my UPS guy and I could have HUGGED HIM,  I have taken six ounces today and I know that by Wednesday my arthritic pains will have left and with my knees I won't be sayin ouch ouch ouch as I climb my stairs.   I also have noticed that when I am not on it my allergies are worse, even with my claritan, so I guess I won't have the congested head syndrome after Wednesday either.  MONA VIE IS an awesome product with 19 fruits and the star fruit being the acai berry ( ah sigh e) which yes I must admit, I have kept off 8 pounds and not watching what I eat or exercising.  SOOO If you wan't to check this product out feel free to see my web site at

Thanks and looking forward to getting back on track here with Your Equine dac Blogs!!!!!!!!  Have a great week and don't forget Fathers day is fast approaching.l

Heidi Braught 717-870-8687

dac Sales Rep.     email .

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