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The start of weanling/yearling futurities is here!
dac Colt Grower
Saturday 14th of February 2009 09:21 AM

Hello and welcome back to the dac Blog on Your Equine

Well baby time is here! Congrats to all proud new parents and mares. So you made it through another foaling or it is your first foaling and now you are past the rookie stage. Hopefully, sorry so say it this way lol, everything came out okay. Again, hopefully you got the foal to start nursing off of momma and both are turned out alittle each day to stretch and buck and play! That is a very important part to having foals. Foals need that nurturing from momma to show em all how it's done. Soon your foal will be venturing farther and farther away from momma, much to her distress or much her relief, lol. Your foal should be getting used to having the halter put on and off, leading with a lead rope and hopefully picking up the hooves so the farrier can start his job and all other desensitizing you can do to make your life and the foal/yearlings life easier and understood.

One important part you do not want to forget is that the foal is getting all the nutritional needs to help the growing body. This means a 3 to 1 (3:1) calcium/phosphorus ratio. With that said, that is about all the big word talk I'm gonna What that means is you don't want the feed and hay to become so rich that the cal/phos goes to phos/calcium. That’s backwards and that’s when all the growing problems start. Best idea to do to make it all easier is make sure, while the foal is nursing off of momma, that she is getting all she needs through her milk to the foal. Most feed companies will have a mare and foal product and this is fine with good hay and water. But for those who are looking to push the foal alittle faster for the spring futurities, you may have to start looking at adding a supplement.

This is where dac comes in to help take all the guesswork out of it all. Most of our dac breeders will start to change feed over through momma and foal by starting to switchback to straight oats and good hay and water, with a couple scoops of dac orange. If you haven't read my past blogs, here’s a little info on the dac Orange and why we use it for Broodmares and foals while nursing on momma.

Dac Orange contains Alltech's Yea-Sacc 1026. What this yeast culture does is help break down all the feed stuff and fiber from your grain and digest it in the hindgut (cecum). Thus you get better retention of all the good stuff in your feed and the dac Orange in the horses hindgut and all is digested. You will see less feed stuffs, grain and hay in the horses manure. dac Orange also contains lactobacillus, the good bugs, for the stomach and hindgut. THIS IS a key role when the foal goes to nurse off of momma. Foals are born with a sterile gut. These live bugs help to get the foals gut colinized with all those good bugs so the foals immune system, gut integrity, and digestion get a quick start from the get go! dac Orange also contains dried Cholestrum, which is the main reason why we get concerned when the foal hasn't nursed in the first 3 - 6 hours. SO the dac Orange for the mare is very important, but also as the foal nurses you get all that included in the milk which helps the foal to get a faster start.

Here is a question I get all the time "when do I switch my foal over to the dac Colt Grower?" My answer to this question is as soon as you wean the foal off or at three months. The reason why "I" say three months is because a bunch of the breeders that have horses on the track or breed TB's for yearling sales, swear by the dac Colt Grower. They see better growth not only in height, better bone structure and can push them alittle harder if they need to with a slight higher protein, if not straight oats and alfalfa hay. Breeders of Thorobred foals need CLEAN leg x-rays to better their chances of getting higher $$ at the yearling sales. Thus again, dac helps to take out the guesswork.

The dac Colt Grower and dac Orange are both a 3:1 Calcium/Phosphorus supplement. The dac Colt Grower contains slightly more Yea-Sacc 1026 than the dac Orange, whereas the dac Orange contains slightly more protein than the dac Colt Grower. That’s why we feed dac Orange to broodmare and foals till you are ready to wean the foal.

There is another dac product that many swear by... the dac CMZ Paste. I get a bunch of phone calls asking "whats that stuff ya all have to help my foal come up off their pasterns faster" or "I need some of that Colt paste, as my colt is still alittle over at the knee" or the conformation of the front and hind legs aren't where the customer likes them to be. Another benefit of the CMZ is you get less of a shakey knee. Some weanlings and yearlings when in Halter class will shake at the knee, mostly from too much protein or just plain nervous for the first time out in the show ring.  If it is the problem from too much protein, the CMZ will help to as we say, "sure up the" cannon bone density.  Sometimes customers will use the Calm B too to help take the nervous edge off. Getting back to the comment at dac CMZ Paste is a fantastic product for those ya not kinda sure if the foal needs help or not, to put it in easy terms. The dac CMZ Paste is a Yeast and Chelated Mineral paste. Many educated breeders are surprised at how much Chelated Copper is in the paste, plus the high contents of the other chelated minerals. What the CMZ paste will help to do is if the foal has not come up off the pasterns in the first two weeks, you will need one tube a day, and I always make sure the mare get one tube a day to for milk purposes. The chelated minerals help to get through the foals system and give the bone density make a boost. As I stated above, many use the paste if the foal is a little over at the knee, and other conformation problems. We have had a great success rate with helping those problems.

Another reason for the CMZ paste is if you get DOD or Ephysitis problems (swelling at the knees, ankles, and hocks), etc. This is most likely where a mineral imbalance will start and thus how you know you have a problem. Best way to combat those problems at the start is to use the dac Colt Grower, straight oats, good basic hay, and throw em out. The equine needs to get those joints and bones moving! Through sixteen years of selling the dac products, the above is the ticket I use in all cases and it works well. But as I always say, get a vet out if it is a severe case!

I hope you and your mare and foal are continuing to move along as planned and that all is going well for you. My congrats again on the foal and feel free to contact me should you have any questions on the dac products. A shout goes out to Kim for another great newsletter.

Oh I almost forgot to mention. I had my annual dac Equine meeting in PA this past January 09 and I audio taped it for ya all. Kim and I are working on getting it put on her site so you can listen to the speaker, Mr. Reuben Schrock, a Standardbred Breeder and user of dac Vitamins for years and Mr. Randy Jacobs, World Champion Halter Breeder. I will also auido tape another meeting comming up in April where Mr. Ted Turner will be speaking and another speaker who raises Champion Draft/Belgium horses.  So keep checking back to see when we have this on Kim site here at Your Equine

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