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dac 9-1-1 the Immune System Builder
dac 9-1-1
Sunday 11th of January 2009 09:01 AM

Happy New Year and welcome to the dac blogs. It's funny as I start to think about what my next blog will be about my cell phone starts's the start of Cold seaon for our equine pals & the questions on the dac 9-1-1 & will it help? Of course, winter, is not the only season for the 9-1-1, but usually the winter months hold most of the equine cold season.

Most of the phone calls are for equines ranging from mares in foal, weanling to seniors that have a cloudy discharge in their nose, a really bad cough and not eating/drinking well, and some are the vet has been out here and nothing is really helping.... ONE NOTE I always say if the equine pitches a fever get THE VET OUT there!!! dac 9-1-1 is not a product to replace the veterinarians.

dac 9-1-1 is our across the board Immune System Builder product. It contains the Alltech Yea-sacc & Bio Moss. Both those products are derived from the same yeast culture cell. As I state in all my blogs, that yea-sacc is one of the big reasons why dac "makes a world of difference". dac also includes FOUR antibodies in our 9-1-1. Those antibodies are derived from eggs, which in my mind, the safest way to cultivate antibodies to put into supplements. The antibodies are injected into the egg producers. When the eggs are produced the eggs are dried and that is how the antibodies fit into our product. Other companies use blood serum derived antibodies, my question on that is, what about the other stuff that might get into the blood serum with those antibodies? It's just a thought of mine, but some agree a good one.

So now you have the antibodies, which help to fight off infections, and you have the yea-sacc, which help to keep the hind gut digesting & loads of good bugs in the stomach to help off feed horses get back to eating & equine pals feel better in general.

So the next question is, how do I feed it? Well, unfortunately, that is going to depend on how the horse is feeling and/or how sick. ONE NOTE I have to say is, your equine pal may develope a stronger cough and that is normal as the 9-1-1 is getting into the lungs and getting all that bad stuff outta there.

I usually suggest to hit the problem hard at first and then back off. So if your horse has a snotty nose, but is eating and drinking well and not really coughing their head off, just use 1 scoop am/pm for about one week, then back off to 1/2 scoop am/pm for one week & usually by then the horse's cloudy discharge and coughing have slowed down and seems on its way back to normal.

If systom's appear stonger than above, and discharge is real cloudy and coughing is constant, use a hand full (approx 2 scoops) 2x's daily for about two weeks then back down accordingly. Your equine pal is going to tell you how much better it is getting by you listening to the cough sound and how consistently it is coughing to comming down to no coughing. REMEMBER at anything a fever spikes, get the vet!

When I mention about backing down the dosage, it is not because you have to back down the 9-1-1, it is not like a steroid. I just suggest it so you still keep the 9-1-1 in the system so by the time you back down to less than 1 scoop a day, you can go off the product, thus helping to save the product for other uses if needed.

Okay, now your horse if off feed and no fever, but just looking and feeling BLAH, so how do I get the 9-1-1 into them if they aren't eating. Well that is why dac came out with the 9-1-1 paste, LET me tell you it is sooo nice to have the paste, so you aren't mixing yogurt, applesauce & PNut butter cocktails. I remember all to well how much time I spent on a cold, windy February day at a stop where a colt was born with strangles, and the paste wasn't available at that time. Let me tell you, you could hear this foal wheezing from about 10 feet away, he just looked soooo sick, the mare was ending her bout with strangles, but the colt had so many bumps all over his temple, jawl, and he was just soo sick....Anyways, the owner wasn't at home during the day and the foal was pretty timid for bein sick, so there I was at the back of my truck emptying out a dac Pro Paste tube into a bowl, mixing the 9-1-1 Powder with the Pro Paste and filling the tube back up and wrangling & dosing the foal three times a day with 40cc's..luckily he loved the paste, and within a 11 days the wheezing, well it was almost gone, now the bumps were opening up and draining, so the colt was on it's way back. Still it was about three weeks till he was out there bucking and carrying on, but he never stopped sucking from mom and by the end of the first week of 40cc 3x's daily he was starting to be interested in munching on some hay. OH ALSO the mare got a handful of the 9-1-1 with her am/pm grain.

There are a lot of stories dac wide like this with the 9-1-1 but another GREAT use is with ULCERS. dac can save you MUCHO bucks with 9-1-1 vs. gastro and ulcer guard. I have personally seen a equine scope where there were trachea lesions and two quarter size ulcers in the stomach. Customer used two handfuls of 9-1-1 a day and within two weeks the trachea lesions were gone and stomach ulcers were down to a pea size.. Again, two handlfuls a day and clean water and hay and anything we could do to lessen the horses stress level, they did. This was a hotheaded young TB, so the barn gal lost a bit of weight with hand walkin this TB. SHe was sooo glad to hear the results !!!!

To end this blog all I can say is if you are going to a horse show and renting stalls, or taking or buying a horse at a sale, or HAULING long distances to a show... PREVENTION with dac 9-1-1 is a huge benefit at a 1/4 to 1/2 scoop daily one week before you head out,while at the event and head home. One more use horses with heaves or seasonal allergies. The 9-1-1 helps to keep the immune system up and lessens the chances of infections from happening. If your horse is a COPD case, you can use the 9-1-1 in conjunction with the allergy meds you are using, even with penicillin. To those of you with livestock, dac 9-1-1 is used the same way with colds and hauling.

Thanks for taking a moment to look over the blog and if you are in the SE Pa. region, DE, VA, NJ and MD areas, give me a shout at 717-870-8687 or reply to this blog and I will be happy to help with any questions you may have. Have a great NEW YEAR!!

Heidi Braught, dac Vitamin & Minerals Rep.

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