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CPL (Chronic Progressive Lymphedema)
Equine Health
Tuesday 26th of July 2016 10:31 AM

CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE LYMPHEDEMA Emily and Mike Jewell own a small farm in southern Indiana and they breed and raise Friesian and Andalusian horses. At any given time they care for 10 or more horses, a few of which are Friesian and Andalusian mares. They stand two stallions, an Andalusian and their pride and joy Friesian stallion Keegan. Keegan is the celebrity in their area and has appeared in several magazines such as Horse Illustrated and Horse and Rider. Keegan and some of their other horses have been used in several Farnam ads. Keegan has really made a name for himself and Grace and Beauty farms with all of his accomplishments.  Emily understands that when it comes to horses, there is no shortage of maladies that they can suffer from. Take for example one of her Friesians. Emily noticed something was wrong when he was around 5 or 6 years old. Small nodules had appeared on the horse’s rear legs, just behind the hoofs. At first Emily thought he had scratches, but when the condition worsened, she researched and discovered that this was the early stage of Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL), a lymphatic disorder that many draft horses, including Friesians are seemingly predisposed to.  Emily began treating her Friesian horse to slow the advancement of CPL but results were not positive. In spite of her efforts, the symptoms spread from the right rear leg to the left rear leg, then progressed to the two front legs.  She began to fear the inevitable - since there is no known cure, most heavy bodied horses with CPL have to be euthanized around 15 years old.    By chance, Emily was approached at a horse show by John Dovenmuehle who told her about Cytowave. “When he said “inflammation reduction” I really perked up.”  At this point, she was ready to try anything to slow down the progress of this relentless, inflammation based disease. Cytowave did not have a specific CPL based set of therapy signals, but it did have a robust pain/inflammation program that had proven effective with other inflammation based conditions, including cellulitis. “At first, I didn’t know what to think. We had tried everything up to this point but really didn’t have anything to lose.” Emily stated.   On April 27th, 2016,  Emily began to use Cytowave treatments exclusively on her horse.  After only 4 days of treatments, Emily noticed the inflammation had decreased. After the first week, the inflammation in the rear legs and the Cannon bone size had decreased as well.  The nodules and the folds were softer, not as hard to the touch and the Cytowave boots were easier to wrap around his legs due to the decreased swelling. Ther shift in her horse’s demeanor underscored that positive physical changes were taking place. “He was more relaxed and comfortable. When I let him out in the pen, he was more active, running and bucking,” Emily said.
After eight (8) days, the inflammation and Canon bone swelling continued to decrease.  The folds in the rear legs were not as thick and were separating. Folds and nodules were softer and more pliable. There was still some dampness and oily feeling in the creases of the back hoof area but overall, the lesions were drier and reducing in size. And for the first time in weeks she was able to massage his legs without any discomfort.  “He really began enjoying getting his legs massaged after his treatments,” Emily continued. “Overall he just seems really happy. I did not realize how much the disease had slowly robbed him of his spirit over the years because it was so gradual. Once he started feeling better, I realized I was getting my old horse back!” In the span of 10 days, measurements showed that the swelling had been substantially reduced. The Canon bone showed the most dramatic reduction in size, with the left leg going from 12 ½” to 10 ½”. On May 11th, Dr. Royal evaluated her horse and he noted that the Cytowave treatments had drastically reduced the swelling and inflammation. He said her horse seemed to be in very good health and his BAR (Bright, Alert, Responsive) was excellent.  He was in very good health, sound, with little sensitivity in the folds of his legs.   After twenty one (21) days of treatments, Emily continued to see positive results in slowing the progression of the CPL condition. The size of the folds and nodules decreased and lesions in the rear legs were drier and smaller. Pain and sensitivity in the folds of his legs lessened. His overall health improved and it was apparent that her horse felt much better. “At first he stamped his feet and was a bit agitated until he got used to the boots,” Emily said. “Now it’s a walk in the park for him and he really enjoys the treatments.” Her horse will continue with treatments and hopefully completely recover. As for Emily? She was so impressed with the results that she is now working for Cytowave to help promote their new technology. CONTACT INFORMATION:   Emily Jewell - Grace and Beauty Farms  Carlisle IN 812-691-1839  

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