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The Secret Benefits of Equine Massage
Equine Articles
Thursday 19th of May 2011 04:04 AM

Article by Jane Wesson

Equine Pacifica Equine Massage School

Horse therapeutic massage has been rapidly transforming into a vital inclusion of a great
many clever equine owners' organization of health-care experts. These people have learned
the key advantages of equine therapeutic massage.

Yet , what exactly so secret? Everyone knowledgeable about bodywork and/or natural healthcare methods has seen the same old checklist of benefits of massage with regards to horses.

Even so, nobody has translated that collection into the tucked away bonuses for you, the particular horse owner.
And unless you have pleasantly discovered the particular returns regarding you and your horse, you almost certainly have no idea the key reason why massage is actually not simply a one per year luxury.

The average report of equine massage attributes flows as such:

Dilates blood vessels
Returns blood back toward heart
Helps drain lethargic lymph material
Improves muscles tissue tone
Prevents adhesions
Stretches connective tissue
Lessens rigidity in addition to swelling
Has a stimulating or possibly sedative result regarding nervous system
Brings awareness to the region being massaged

Precisely how many equine owners genuinely know how this kind of collection could affect
them? Quite frankly, hardly any of them do. Unless you have experience in the field of
biology as well as physiology in high school or college, most likely this particular age
old checklist is simply Greek to you!

Let's at long last bring up to date and translate this particular list directly into how
equine bodywork rewards you, the equine owner. We're going to begin with
condensing the actual collection into three principal topics: circulation, muscle
performance and mental acuity.

CIRCULATION: Therapeutic massage raises blood flow for all parts of the body. All of
the cells of the body require oxygen and also nutrients brought to them, through the
circulation of blood, to come up with brand new cells, produce energy, export toxic
compounds and keep all cellular functions. Weak circulation creates a decline in each of
these areas. Fundamentally, you now are working along with a half-baked horse that can
quite possibly possess various health difficulties.

MUSCLE PERFORMANCE: Bodywork physically breaks down the particular knots along with
contracted muscle tissue that cannot do their job properly. This can lead to far better
muscle quality and much more complete and well balanced muscle action. Your horse is
comprised of 700 skeletal muscles and that is 60% of the body mass of your horse! Working
a horse with restricted, consistently contracted muscular tissue is the same as operating
in a state of resistance. Your horse is employing a great deal more energy to perform and
accomplishing significantly less than its optimum potential and headed for injury.

MENTAL ACUITY: Therapeutic massage talks to the neurological system in such a way
that your particular horse will encounter an important state of relaxation, mental
clarity and self recovery. A horse functioning in a state of constant psychological
stress along with reduced focus will never perform to their total potential.

When bodywork is completed for a steady basis the results build upon themselves with
time. Once per year massages are fundamentally the same in principle as placing a
band-aid on underlying problems and the horse in no way reaps the benefits of regular
recovery. However, regular massage not only rewards the horse, it also benefits
YOU, the horse owner, and here's how:

You could experience a lowering of vet visits which ultimately may keep
the horse out from the lay-up stall saving you time and money.

You may have a horse that can move more efficiently, Photobucket
with less pain and achieve more physically, which will equal an even better overall performace for you.

You could have a horse that suffers from less tendon and ligament injuries equaling greater over performace and less lay-up time; perserving you in the saddle. You may possess a horse that recovers quicker from workouts and is feeling ready to work on a regular basis giving you a willing horse to ride.

You could have a much happier mount which has a better work mind-set making your regular ride a pleasure as opposed to a fight. 

Whether you ride for enjoyment or performance, equine massage is an easy supplement to
your horse's health care plan which can help you stay within the saddle on top of your
performance .

Thank you for your consideration.

Jane Wesson
(909) 261-0964

Response 1
Thursday 19th of May 2011 11:18:58 AM
Submitted by: Marya Miller
Comment from our Linked In Connections: Great to see someone speak with such knowledgeable common sense. I've practiced massage on horses for years and find it particularly effective for helping rehabilitate so-called "behavioral" issues (which often actually stem from pain). In addition to the other benefits Ms. Wesson lists, massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, putting the horse's brainwaves into a relaxed Alpha state. (When they lower their heads and start yawning, you know it's working!)

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