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Submitting Articles To Your Equine Source
Article Submission
Tuesday 27th of October 2009 07:04 AM


With 800,000 monthly views and over 6,000 members. Your Equine Source is a popular source for horse information on the web. Do you want to submit your work to be published on Your Equine Source's Blog? Please use the Email Us link below to submit your article or story. 

Please note not all submissions are published. We review each article or story and make a final decision on whether or not to publish.

Types articles we accept:

We accept articles on all horse subjects. Write an introduction that summarizes the content of your article. If your article is well-written, researched and informative chances are we will be glad to publish it. Please make sure your articles are easy to read, not wordy and informative. Review spelling, punctuation, grammer and overall style. 

Our member base & email subscribers:

We have 800,000 monthly views to our website. We also have a newsletter with over 30,000 loyal subscribers and over 5,100 members. If your work is published our viewers, subscribers and members will all be notified of your work. This is an excellent opportunity to get free exposure in the equine community.

Article length:

Use your judgment as far as how long your article should be. We do not have a length requirement, however articles are generally not accepted if less than 500 words. Express ideas in your own words, but always credit sources to avoid plagiarism. Obtain explicit permission from another author to include their copyrighted content with an article.


You can include photos or illustrations with your work. Please include any relevant information with images such as descriptions. If you get permission to use another person's photo credit them. Simple .gif or .jpg images are perfect for the internet preferabley in 448 X 336 px or a tad smaller. We will resize your images if needed.

Article compensation:

We do not pay for articles, but we may still accept it and offer a link back or credit in exchange for the article. Many writers submit articles in exchange for free exposure on our web site. If you are a equine business owner, trainer, etc. this may be the option for you. Please include a short paragraph about you, the author to receive credit on our web site.

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Hay Storage
Equine Health
Thursday 1st of October 2009 02:18 PM

Using and Storing Hay for Your Horse

Finding and storing hay can be a real challenge when weather patterns affect yields. Here are some helpful hints on estimating how much hay you may need, finding it and storing it.


How Much Hay Do I Need?

1) Figure our how much hay, in pounds, each horse consumes in one day. a 1000 lb. horse normally eats 20 lbs of good quality hay each day. Add extra pounds for colder weather, hard keepers, bigger horses, lower quality hay.

# of lbs each horse eats x # of horses = daily pounds needed

2) Multiply total pounds by number of days you need to feed. (Like from Nov. until May when the grass begins to grow) If you need over 2000 pounds of hay, convert to tons (total pounds/2000=# of tons).

Figure what you need like this:

# of lbs per day x # of days to feed = total lbs / 2000 = # of tons you need

3) Subtract the amount of hay you have on hand. To figure it out weigh yourself holding a bale and then not holding a bale. Subtract the lower number from the higher. That is how much your bale weighs. Do that with a few bales then average the weight. That is the figure you use to find how many pounds or tons of hay you have on hand.

# of bales x bale weight in lbs = total lbs / 2000 = total tons on hand

# of tons you need - # of tons on hand = amount you need to buy

Storing Your Hay

It is vital that you store your hay properly! Improper storage leads to mold, which can cause colic and even death in horses and ponies. Also, if it is hay cutting season, don't feed fresh cut alfalfa, it must cure for at least 90 days. Another alfalfa warning: crimped alfalfa that contains Blister Beetles can be deadly to equines. Have you alfalfa checked for blister beetles before you buy! The crushed beetles crystallize forming a chemical that causes horses terrible pain and even death.

Other hays to avoid: Johnson Grass - can have extremely high levels of nitrogen that can kill horses. Sudan and Improved Sudan - suitable for cows, not horses. Any hay grown specifically for cattle may have higher quantities of some nutrients that are not good for horses.

Your hay must be OFF THE GROUND, even if you have a floor in your hay storage area. Use pallets, old tires, plastic tarps or some other moisture barrier to keep you hay off the ground. Ideal would be a plastic tarp on the ground with pallets on top, then hay. You can find pallets for free in the newspaper and in industrial areas. Be sure the pallets don't have toxic chemicals on them.

For fresh cut hay, stack it with the cut sides up. This allows moisture to evaporate more easily. Leave a few inches in between bales for air circulation and stack your bales in alternating layers with bottom bales going one direction and successive layers alternating.



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